Welcome to Narita Kouzu-no-mori Ichiba

The best market in Narita area.

We collect wholesale foods and other essential foods from all over Japan.
Located 45 minutes from Narita Airport (NRT).

In addition to ingredients such as fresh vegetables and marine products, various items such as miscellaneous goods and packaging materials necessary for the operation of restaurants and retail stores are available, connecting producers and consumers.
Note; "Do they speak English?"
We will make an effort, and may understand SIMPLE words.
Since there are many inquiries, we worked hard and made an English site.

There is market for Everyone.

We sell to BOTH, wholesalers and the general public. There are Events every second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Note; You can also eat at the cafeteria at any time.
The market canteens are available to anyone at any time during business hours. Opening hours vary by store. Enjoy a fresher meal than any other store. Please come hungry.

We recommend to visit on the Event day.

The event will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

>>Demonstration of fillet Raw Tuna, and spot sale (Only Fourth Sat.)
Have you ever eaten raw tuna on sushi or sashimi?
Also seen where it is processed?

Here you can see them, and buy fresh tuna fillet.
So find out how to make delicious tuna sushi before sushi chef gets them as foodstuff.
You will realize that you are eating life, and thanksgiving.

Schedule: From 9 am > until sold out
Place: Fisheries building
It will be postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19.
>>Vegetable roulette (Only Fourth Sat.)
Get the vegetables and fruits where the roulette stops. You can participate for 100JPY each time.
[Numbered ticket required]

Schedule :
 Distribution of numbered tickets from 9 am
 Roulette starts at 9:30 am > until 11 am
Place: Fruits and vegetables building
It will be postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19.
>>Spot sale

Lots of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, processed foods and more. Find your favorite store.

Schedule: From 8 am > until 11 am
Place: Fisheries building, Related food building, Fruits and vegetables building

*Opening hours and availability depend on the store.

Note; There are various other events.
Lotteries, stamp rallies and flea markets are also held.
Especially if you are good at Japanese, please try them.

All canteens are for Everyone.

There is a cafeteria in the market where you can enjoy Japanese food, noodles, sushi and set meals.
The market canteens are available to anyone at any time during business hours.

Set meals
*The above images are an example. Stores and menus are subject to change.

Access to Narita Ichiba

45 Iinaka, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan


Nearest station
10 minutes on foot from "Kozunomori" Station (KS-39) on the Keisei Main Line
Keisei Electric Railway Web

How to go?
From Tokyo; about 90min to Kozunomori Sta.
Tokyo Sta. -(JR Yamanote Line)- Nippori Sta. -(Keisei Main Line)- Kozunomori Sta.

From Narita Airport (NRT); about 20min to Kozunomori Sta.
Narita Airport Terminal 1 or 2 Sta. -(Keisei Main Line)- Kozunomori Sta.

by Car; 
Higashi-Kanto Expwy(E51) Tomisato IC (No.9) [Toll road]. about 10min to Narita Ichiba.
Along Route 51.